12 Celebration Ideas for Our Super Moms

More than a date on the calendar, Mother’s Day is a celebration for our mothers and mother figures – to thank them, spoil them, and remind them of our love.

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There’s no need to feel pressured with the grand preparations posted on social media. Trust us; your super moms will appreciate every thoughtful gesture and effort you put into it.

But even so, we understand the challenge of coming up with creative ways to put a smile on their faces. Don’t worry; here are 12 ideas for you. To remember them better, think World Balance!


1. Write a Heartfelt Letter

Let’s go back to the classics. Writing letters seem old-school, and we often think that we don’t have the time to do so. But that’s what makes it even more special – taking time out of your busy schedule to sit down and write your heart out.

It’s your chance to tell them all the words you couldn’t say in person. Thank them and let them know how much you love them. Your letter may easily be so much more special than other gifts combined.

You can also mix it up and throw in some customized gifts along with the letter. Enjoy the process of thinking about the little things that can bring her joy!


2. Order In Their Favorite Food

The key to most hearts – food! We don’t know about you, but nothing makes us happier than eating good food and satisfying our cravings. For Mother’s Day, take note of what they have been craving and make their tummies happy.

The good news is that there are so many convenient ways to order now; it’s just a few clicks! Whether through apps or Instagram home kitchens, you can prepare and have a whole feast!


3. Real Rest Day

A rest day is a much-needed reward for busy bees and hard-working mommas hustling 24/7. We’re talking about letting them sleep in as late as they want, not letting them do the chores, and giving her an actual break.

It can also be a day they can dedicate to their hobbies, watching that show they’ve been saving, and lying down for most of the day. The point is to give them a day (or weekend) to rest and recuperate for real.


4. Let Them Choose!

Perhaps they already have an activity in mind, something they’ve always wanted to do or somewhere to go, but they didn’t have the time or don’t have the means to do it.

Let them plan their special day and be there to grant it for them. They’ll surely appreciate the thoughtfulness and effort to ensure their enjoyment and well-deserved break.


5. Drink With Them

Be it wine, beer, or coffee, drinking with them is also a great bonding moment. Imagine the conversations and heart-to-heart talks that will come up. We’re sure that your moms would love to catch up and share stories with you.


6. Buy That One Item They’ve Been Eyeing.

We’re sure you can relate – many moms and mother figures don’t buy themselves nice things because they put us first. They ensure that we get to enjoy what we want, even if it means sacrificing their own “luhoor expenses.

Consider buying them some new essentials. Of course, our suggestions would be good shoes and high-quality apparel. These are items they can use well in their daily lives.


Snug and secure Amara L for the on-the-go moms  
(make those walks easier for dog moms too!)
Chic Mercury L for the active and gym moms
Comfy Top and Wide Pants for the stay at home moms 
Dope Templar M kicks for the dads who had to be moms too.

7. Accompany Them with a Pamper Session

With so many stressors nowadays, mommies will surely appreciate a pamper day! If you have the budget to spend, treat them to a nail spa, facial session, or full-body massage. Take them shopping and eat good food afterward for the cherry on top.

But you don’t have to spend so much either. Have you heard of DIY spas? You can recreate these at home and even prepare them with your mom. It will be a fun experience filled with laughter and enjoyment. Just don’t spill on mom’s favorite carpet, OK? 


8. Leave Them Alone (Wait, let us explain.)

Before you react violently, let us explain what we mean! Of course, we would want to spend quality time with them. But for some, regular days are already overwhelming enough.

It’s draining to face people, brave through the heavy traffic, and take care of young kids every single day. Ask them, and maybe what they need the most right now, is to be left alone and have a long-awaited me-time 


They will love the quiet. On top of that, if they can ask you to run errands or do things for them, that’ll be pure bliss *chef’s kiss!*.


9. Assist Them with Work

For some, Mother’s Day may still be a workday. There are unavoidable times when deliverables take over, and they have no choice but to get the job done. Here’s an appreciation to mommies who work in restaurants, bakeries, or small businesses that are extra busy during Mother’s Day.

If there’s anything you can do to help, why not ease their burdens and be their assistant for a day? If you can’t, there are other ways, like bringing them food from time to time or lessening the stress by being present.


10. Notes All Over the House

Throughout this article, we’ve emphasized that there’s no need to stress over giving luxurious gifts. You can do that, yes. But you shouldn’t pressure yourself to compete with extravagant posts online!

Even as simple as leaving notes for them will brighten up their day. Little reminders that they’re loved and appreciated are beyond enough to make them the happiest person on earth.


11.  Cook for Them

Have some cooking magic in you? Prepare some food with your hands and overflowing love, then.  

Cooking is a love language on its own, and there’s nothing more delicious than a warm meal that’s cooked with thoughtfulness and care. It’s time to wear your shef hat with pride!


12.  Enjoy the Day Together

Most importantly, the goal is to spend the day together and have fun. It may sound cliché, but it truly doesn’t matter what you do, give, or eat, as long as you can show them your love.  


From “small” to marvelous things, Mother’s Day is about appreciating them more. And most of all, it shouldn’t be a 1-day thing. It’s not about greeting them today and having no time for them during other days of the year.


Let’s celebrate our mothers and mother figures through ways we know best. They deserve all the love that they’ve given us. From World Balance, Happy Mother’s Day to all super moms. Here’s to more happiness and blessings!


Written by : Klariz Rae C. Chen  

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