5 New Year Fashion Resolutions for 2022

Ah, 2022! A year when everything is possible. Who wouldn’t want to enter the year with a positive mindset, a heart full of possibilities, and wardrobe choices to keep all of your OOTDs on point? We know we do.  


That’s why we are sharing our 5 fashionable new year resolutions to help you let your most fashionable-self shine through everyday of this year. 


1.Comfort over style. 

This year is all about reaching our goals! And what better way to do that but to keep ourselves inspired with comfy clothes that can get us through our busy mornings to late night grind. But that doesn’t mean we will completely let go of our stylish-self, no. This only means that we will spend more time in our beloved athleisure-wear for that effortless-yet-stylish, comfy-yet-IG-ready looks.  


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2. Playing with colors! 

Last year, we went crazy over neutrals. This year, it’s time to play it up a bit with striking colors and beautiful hues. Life is short and we owe it to ourselves to try new things, right? You can start with baby steps by incorporating colorful shoes and pairing them with your basic outfits. Once you start feeling a little more comfortable, take it up a notch and embrace your favorite shades in one go! 


3.High quality pieces only. 

Gone are the days when we buy poorly made items because it’s all that we can afford. You can start by paying attention to the materials that are used in the item you want to buy. And making sure that all the stitching are sewn in the best way possible. 


Good thing World Balance’s website features everything you need to know in our products to help you decide. Don’t forget to click “description” when browsing though our items. 


4.Sticking to a budget. 

No more budol! And say hello to the more-budget conscious you. Whether it’s your allowance or salary, this year will be the year when you stick to a clothing budget. No worries because you can always head over to this section of our website to find our sale items. You can also shop by price! 


5. Staying true to oneself. 

Let this be the year where you embrace your style. Whether you want to go mainstream or you want to try out looks that are not necessary on trend, go for it! When it comes to expressing yourself through clothes, remember that sky is the only limit. 


And no matter what, we will be here for you. 


Article was written by Maan De Vera


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