A Sip of Style and Comfort: World Balance's First Ever Cafe Crawl in Makati

Greetings, coffee lovers and style enthusiasts! Get ready to join an exciting journey through the bustling streets of Makati, as World Balance explores the city's most unique and amazing cafes, all while showcasing the comfort and versatility of their shoes and apparels. Grab a cup of iced coffee, slip on some World Balance shoes, and let the adventure begin! 

 A great cafe experience isn't just about the coffee – it's also about feeling comfortable and looking stylish while sipping on that brew. That's where World Balance and the Brew Buddies come in! With an emphasis on both comfort and style, WB shoes and apparels are the perfect companions for any cafe crawl adventure. Let's see how these stylish shoes can elevate a cafe hopping experience in Makati's finest! 

Panco Cafe: The Artistic Haven

The first stop is Panco Cafe, a charming nook that doubles as an art gallery. With its creative atmosphere and delectable pastries, Panco Cafe is a paradise for the artistically inclined. As the Brew Buddies explore the art on display, they really felt the comfortable support of their World Balance shoes, making every step a breeze! 


Know more about Panco Cafe by visiting their Facebook and Instagram. 

The Coffee Academics: A Coffee Connoisseur's Dream

Next on the list is The Coffee Academics, a world-class coffee establishment that offers an array of unique brews and blends. Here, the Brew Buddies indulged their inner coffee connoisseur as they sample the exquisite offerings. Notice how their World Balance attire effortlessly complements the sophisticated vibe of this cafe. 

Know more about Coffee Academics by visiting their Facebook and Instagram.  

Deuces Coffee: A Fusion of Flavors and Fun

The final stop is Deuces, a playful cafe that fuses international flavors with local favorites. This lively spot is perfect for both socializing and unwinding. In stylish and comfortable World Balance gear, the Brew Buddies felt right at home as they enjoy Deuces' mouthwatering menu and vibrant atmosphere. 

Know more about Deuces Coffee by visiting their Facebook and Instagram.

Wrapping Up: Comfort, Style, and Endless Adventures

café crawl

And that's a wrap! The cafe crawl has shown that World Balance shoes and apparels are the ultimate companions for any cafe adventure, providing both comfort and style. But the fun doesn't stop here! Keep an eye out for more events and adventures with World Balance, and make sure to follow us on social media for updates and opportunities to participate in future events. 😉 

Watch the FULL VLOG here

Remember, whether cafe hopping or tackling everyday activities, World Balance is here to make the journey comfortable and stylish! 

Sip, Style, and Step into the Perfect Brew-tiful Adventure with World Balance—where comfort meets style, and every café crawl becomes a fabulous stroll! Shop our collection and embark on your own stylish adventures along the way!

Written by: Veronica Manlulu 

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