Be "That Girl" with These WB Must-Haves

The “that girl’ trend has been taking over our social media feeds since last year. But who exactly is she and why should we emulate her? 

Easily put, “that girl” is a social media persona of a young woman who takes care of herself in every way possible. She is conscious of what she eats. She works out. She develops healthy relationships. She tries to get good grades and read good books. On top of that, she is also stylish, but in a simple way.


While it can be easily categorized as just an aesthetic, it would be nice to aspire to become everything “that girl” stands for. 

And sometimes, all you need are just the right items to inspire you.

1. Maui L

Always be on top of the fashion game without sacrificing your comfort. After all, you accomplish a lot of things on a day-to-day basis. 

The ALL-WHITE colorway will go perfectly with any of your chosen outfits! This pair is both feminine and functional…and we are totally in love with it! 


2. Convertible Tote-Backpack

Always come prepared wherever you may be heading.  

This Convertible Tote-Backpack is the perfect companion for your adventures that involves a splash! With its water repellant fabric and detachable straps, it's ideal for rainy days, beach trip, or an afternoon at a theme park. Perfectly sized to fit all your essentials (and a few extras), this versatile bag is sure to match your mood and style. 


3. Anatomic

On the days when you are working out or just lazing around the block, you need a pair of shoes that can keep up with you. The ANATOMIC is the perfect shoe to lace on during these days. Its sock-like knit material hugs your feet that allows you to feel cool, comfortable and confident with every mile


4. WB x SF Slider

Of course, even a girl like you needs to take a break. It’s the key to maintaining the energy to juggle everything that you do. If you are in the mood to dress down, a pair of WB x SF SLIDER will be a lifesaver. 


5. Packable Protective Jacket

You are “that girl” even when it rains or shines. That’s why this Packable Protective Jacket is going to be your new best friend. You can easily carry it around on hot days and use it as a cover when it’s windy or raining. 

This way you can keep your poise and composure, despite the unpredictable weather. 


6. Clean and Condition Kit

“That girl” is clean. Whatever she puts on her body is always polished and conditioned…especially when it comes to her shoes. This Clean and Condition Kit is a fast and practical way to maintain all of your footwear. Using this regularly will keep your shoes and slides looking fresh and smelling great. 


Find more aesthetic items at Word Balance. Keep slaying! 

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Article was written by Maan De Vera

Edited by Veronica M. Manlulu

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