Dribble, Dream, Dominate: The ST Kids Collection Unveiled!

Are your little ones ready to jump higher, run faster, and dream bigger? World Balance is set to ignite the courts with the latest sensation for young dreamers – the ST Kids Collection. Imagine the pulse of the game meeting the pulse of youth, all laced up in a shoe that's ready to redefine the future of junior basketball. 

The Big Reveal:

Picture this: a shoe that encapsulates the spirit of a champion and the stride of the young go-getters. That's the essence of ST Kids, the newest member of the illustrious Scottie Thompson basketball lineage. The collection is a homage to those heart-thumping moments of the game and to every kid who's ever wanted to step into the shoes of their basketball heroes. 

Scottie's Legacy, Kids' Ally:

At the heart of World Balance’s innovation is a desire to foster the champions of tomorrow. The ST Kids Collection mirrors Scottie Thompson’s own journey – resilient, dynamic, and always forward-moving. It's not just a basketball shoe; it's a beacon of inspiration, encouraging kids to shoot for the stars with every pivot and every play. 

Tech Meets Trend:

The ST Kids doesn't just walk the walk; it talks the tech. Drawing from the celebrated ST1 – Scottie's signature marvel – these shoes are engineered for the game's demands and a kid's unending energy. They come armored with the same high-tech comfort, support, and robustness, ensuring that every jump feels like flying and every sprint is like racing the wind.


Color Their World:

Available in four vibrant colorways – each pair is a statement. Blue Green's splash, Black Red's boldness, White Blue's classic vibe, and Blue Yellow's brightness – there’s a hue for every mood and move. The collection invites young athletes to not only play the part but look the part.

Complete the Ensemble:

But why stop at shoes? World Balance presents an array of athletic wear that speaks the same language of excellence and style. Shirts and shorts crafted with care, designed to match every leap and bound, ensure your young MVPs are always in full gear.


The Court Calls:

November 18 marks a new chapter for young ballers across the nation. With a price point that respects your budget at 2,899.00 pesos, ST Kids is more than footwear; it's a ticket to the courts of dreams. It's where the first buzzer of their future rings, where they learn the true meaning of hard work, discipline, and faith.

Available in all World Balance stores and online platforms including Shopee, Lazada, Zalora, and the official World Balance website, the ST Kids Collection is waiting to be a part of your child's most cherished memories.


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Join us as we count down to the moment that will set a new pace in the game. Share your kids' launch excitement, their stylish pre-game poses, and the fervor for ST Kids' arrival with our community!

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Written by: Veronica Manlulu-Santos

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