Discover your YOGI Trainer Match!

Gear up with World Balance's YOGI TRAINER, the ultimate sneaker that blends high-performance technology with the latest trends. This collection is not just about enhancing your workouts; it's a fashion statement, a motivation booster, and a testament to your commitment to fitness. Let's dive deeper into the colorways that are setting the tone for a stylish and active summer.

Women’s Colorways: Sleek, Chic, and Ready for Action

Black with Turquoise Accents:

For those who prefer their fitness gear with a touch of mystery and energy, the black YOGI TRAINERS with striking turquoise accents are a perfect match. These sneakers offer robust support and dynamic aesthetics, ensuring you look as powerful as you feel during every workout.

White with Light Orange Accents:

Bright and refreshing, the white YOGI TRAINERS with light orange accents encapsulate the essence of energy. These sneakers are designed for women who want to keep their workout looks light and energizing. The subtle orange accents add a playful touch to the crisp white base, making them perfect for both intense training sessions and casual post-gym outings.

Yogi Trainer White (Ladies)


Men’s Colorways: Boldness Meets Elegance

Black with White Highlights:

The black YOGI TRAINERS adorned with white highlights cater to men who command attention with understated elegance. These shoes combine a powerful aesthetic with top-tier performance features, making them suitable for the most rigorous workouts and ensuring you stand out in the gym.

Yogi Trainer Black (Men’s)


Beige with Subtle Bright Yellow Accents:

These white YOGI TRAINERS with bright yellow accents are all about sophistication and style. Ideal for the fashion-forward athlete, they provide a solid foundation for performance while exuding a sense of refined taste. Whether you're lifting weights or running tracks, these shoes support every stride with unmatched grace.

Yogi Trainer White (Men’s)


Discover Your Perfect YOGI TRAINER Match!

Summer workouts are calling! Let’s play a game to find out which YOGI TRAINER colorway perfectly fits your summer workout style. Answer the questions below, jot down your responses, and see which sneaker will be your ultimate fitness companion.


Question 1: When you workout, do you prefer to:

A) Wear something bright and energetic that stands out.

B) Choose gear that's sleek and blends well with any setting.


Question 2: What's your priority in selecting a workout shoe?

A) I look for shoes that are as stylish as they are functional.

B) I need shoes that make a statement with bold, eye-catching designs.


Question 3: What motivates you to workout?

A) I'm driven by the challenge and the satisfaction of beating my personal best.

B) I focus on the health benefits and maintaining a routine.


Question 4: How do you prefer to finish your workouts?

A) With a high-energy, intense session that leaves me feeling exhilarated.

B) With a cool-down routine that helps me relax and rejuvenate.

Ready to know your match? Read below!

Mostly A's: You're all about energy and enthusiasm in your fitness pursuits. You thrive on intensity and the thrill of achievement, which makes the White YOGI TRAINER the perfect match for you. This vibrant and clean colorway complements your lively approach to workouts, enhancing your motivation and keeping you charged up.


Mostly B's: Your approach to fitness is grounded in consistency and a keen focus on long-term health benefits. The Black YOGI TRAINER aligns with your disciplined regimen, offering a sleek, understated look that suits your preference for maintaining a stylish yet functional workout routine. This colorway supports your commitment to wellness with a classic touch that matches any gym outfit.


Let World Balance's YOGI TRAINER collection be your ally in achieving both your fitness and style goals. Whether you blaze trails outdoors or dominate in the gym, your perfect sneaker match is waiting to take every workout to the next level.

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Here's to a summer of fitness, fashion, and fun with World Balance.


Written By: Veronica Manlulu-Santos

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