Fit for Summer: World Balance's Guide to a Season of Fun, Sun, and Style

Slide into the Sunshine

Hello, sun-chasers and wave riders! It’s that time of the year again when the sun calls us to step outside and bask in its glory. But before you dive into your summer escapades, let's ensure you're stepping out in style and comfort with World Balance!

Slides: A Perfect Balance of Comfort and Style

When the temperatures soar, so should your comfort level. World Balance slides are not just about making a fashion statement—they’re your best pals on those long, leisurely walks by the beach or during a laid-back poolside barbecue. They’re the trusty companions that don’t compromise on comfort for style.

Rash guards: Your Summer Armor

But what about when you take the plunge into the cool, blue waters? World Balance has you covered—literally! Our rash guards are not just sleek and stylish; they’re the armor against the harsh sun. Swim, surf, or just soak up the sun, these rash guards are designed to move with you, protect you, and of course, up your style game.


What's Your Summer Persona?

Ready for a splash of fun? Let’s dive into this quick quiz to find out your summer persona and which World Balance product is your must-have this season!

Choose your ideal summer activity:

A. Beach volleyball at noon

B. A serene morning by the pool

C. An adventurous hike through nature

D. Surfing the waves at sunset


Pick your go-to summer snack:

A. Fresh watermelon slices

B. Chilled smoothies

C. Trail mix

D. Seafood BBQ


Select the color that best describes your summer vibe:

A. Sunny Yellow

B. Ocean Blue

C. Forest Green

D. Sunset Pink

Results: Find Your Fit for Summer!

Mostly A's: You're the Active Adventurer! Your perfect match is the durable and vibrant World Balance slides—ready to keep up with your energetic spirit.

Mostly B's: Say hello to the Laid-back Lounger. You’re all about relaxation, and the classic World Balance slides in cool shades are your soulmate.

Mostly C's: The Nature Navigator! For you, it’s the rugged, earth-toned slides that double up for comfort during your explorations.

Mostly D's: You are the Sunset Surfer. Grab a World Balance rashguard that’s as bold and beautiful as the vistas you chase.

Now that you’ve found your summer sole-mate, let’s mix and match! Pair your slides or rashguards with your favorite summer outfits and create memories that are as lasting as your World Balance gear. And the best part? World Balance isn’t just for you; it's for everyone! The family that styles together, stays together, and World Balance has options for men, women, and kids.

Ready to step into your summer adventure? Check out the latest collection at your nearest World Balance store or visit their website to grab your summer essentials.


We want to see how you’re making this summer the best one yet with World Balance. Share your stories, snaps, and styles with us.

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Your Turn: Make the World Your Runway

Before you go, leave a comment below and tell us about your dream summer adventure and which World Balance gear you'd take along for the ride. Dream big, dive in, and let the season of sun be your canvas.


Written by: Veronica Manlulu - Santos

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