Gen Z Gym Essentials

Whether you actually have a gym membership, or you are just working out at home or somewhere nearby, there are some things that you should always carry with you.


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And believe us, having cute items to carry around while you work it out will help motivate you to achieve your fitness goal.


Here are the things that you need to have to have a nice *aesthetic* day at the gym.


1. Cute Gym Bag



First things first, you need a bag where you can put all your essentials without worrying. The EVERYDAY TOTE BAG is definitely a good option. This multipurpose bag is designed to be versatile, functional, and stylish while holding just about anything from gym wear, a small towel, to water bottle!

It's not every day that you find a bag that can do it all, but this one does!


2. Trusted Water Flask

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Now that sustainability is more important than ever, it’s also a great time to get rid of plastic water bottles. A water flask is not only a practical way to keep hydrated as you work out, this is also a trendy piece that is fun and fashionable to carry around.

As a bonus, you can also opt for the thermal flasks to keep the temperature of your drink just the way you prefer it. It will also be best to choose a design and color that matches your personality


3. Reliable Shoes


Of course, choosing the right shoes is one of the first steps in reaching your goal. Aside from the aesthetic purpose, it will also ensure maximum performance and safety as you perform your routine.

As a suggestion, you may go for the Aspira, This unisex comes with superior traction and comfort to keep you moving during your workout.

It also comes in a sleek black colorway that can easily be paired with your workout clothes.


4. Sturdy Scrunchies

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Anyone with long hair should have scrunchies when working out. Keeping your locks away from your face saves you from unnecessary distractions or accidentally poking your eyes.

When working out, it would be best to leave the disposable plastic hair ties at home as they may snap as you move around. A good option would be the stretchy rubber ones. Of course, choose the color and style that matches your preference for an additional cuteness factor.

Also, don’t forget to pack extras.


5. Workout Outfits




Set yourself up for success and find the support that you need. To do so, you need to use the right sports bra. The Auraflex Racerback bra is a good option for you.

Aside from support, this will also give you comfort and confidence. Put this on and you have everything that you need for a successful workout session.



The best part is that you can pair this with the Auraflex Leggings and get up to P199 off when you order online.


6. Wireless Earbuds

We could all use motivational background music as we work out, right? The good thing is that we no longer need to deal with wires that get in our way as we move around.


Just remember to place it back in the case and into your bag after working out. Wireless earbuds are very stylish and convenient to use in the gym, but it’s also very easy to misplace.

For more athleisure essentials, scroll through the World Balance website.


Article was written by Maan De Vera

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