Hate Packing? Have At Least These Essentials with You

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We’re sure we’re not alone in the “I hate packing” club. As much as we love traveling, the packing and unpacking part is always dreadful. What should you bring? What can you not forget? What are the non-negotiables? 

Don’t worry. We have compiled this essential checklist to make things easier. Of course, your valuables and personal items are up to you. We’re here to talk about the essentials you shouldn’t miss for better trips.

1. Carry Mo 'Yan! Bags and Pouches

We’re so focused on what to pack that we neglect the very thing holding our things together. We frequently see people carry inappropriate bags for their needs, making moving around a big hassle. 

Trust us, 80% of your problems will disappear once you get carry-ons that will help convenience—big bags for the extra stuff and small ones for the valuables. 


If it’s a quick trip, lessen your baggage and store everything in a trusty backpack with massive storageWB’s BackPack 017 will keep everything safe and sound while you enjoy your well-deserved break. With its quality, you’ll find yourself using this for many of your travels in the years to comeSulit! 

Get the BackPack 017 for PHP 1,699 Only 


Your everyday style just got a whole lot cooler with this mini backpack. Not too bulky but effortlessly cool, this bag instantly adds personality to your look! To top it off, with its adjustable and removable bag strap, it can be used as a backpack or a handheld bag!

Everyday Mini Backpack for PHP 649 Only


Let’s face it; it’s not always fun to bring bulky bags. Suppose it’s possible to have nothing at all, then good. But unless you have someone else to carry your valuables, you need to bring them yourself. We’re talking about keys, wallets, and phones. 

In these scenarios, we have smaller bags to the rescue. These are variations that fit perfectly for your needs.

Everyday Mini Waist Bag for PHP 499 Only

Get the Speed Gear Triangle Bike Bag for PHP 399 Only

Get the Essentials Mini Backpack for PHP 299 Only


2.Beat the Heat Necessities

We may be entering the rainy season, but it's still scorching hot when the sun’s out. You'll need to pack some sun protection wherever you’re going – hiking, beach, or simply on a road trip. That includes caps, eyewear, and heat gaiters. 


Don’t underestimate the protection of caps. Besides its sun protection feature, it’s also a style that’s getting in trend along with bucket hats! WB has selections of caps with different colorways – the choice is yours.

Get the Running Utility Cap for PHP 549 Only

Get the Classic Cap for PHP 449 Only

Get the Classic Camo Cap for PHP 449 Only

Get the NXT Gear Face Mask Cap 4 for PHP 499 Only 


Eyewear and sunnies are more than just for fashion. It’s also for safety purposes to see clearly despite the bright sunshine. For bikers, you know that it’s extra crucial for you to have protected vision.

Get the Speed Gear Sports Eyewear 2 for PHP 799 Only

Get the Speed Gear Sports Eyewear 1 for PHP 799 Only

And never forget your SPF! Bring sunscreens and sunblocks to protect your skin from the UV rays. It’s always better to be prepared.


Who do you think gets tired the most after a long day of walking and moving around? Your feet! They deserve to be comfortable and happy, making life easier for you.

When going on trips, bring different footwear suited for varying needs. At the very least, have a pair of sneakers, sandals, and slides or slippers with you. You’ll never know when you’ll need a spare.

Get the SPIRO for PHP 1,799 Only

Get the SEDNA for PHP 1,799 Only 

Get the WB x SF SLIDER for PHP 999 Only 

Get SALMINA for PHP 1,299 Only 

Get the THEMIS for PHP 399 Only 


We all know that we need to bring clothes. But the thing is, many of us pack uncomfortable and impractical outfits! While we understand taking OOTD photos is essential – and you should – we also suggest packing some comfortable clothes for post-photoshoots. When your body relaxes, you also relax.

And hey, our definition of “comfy” does not compromise style. You’ll still look photoshoot worthy.

BELIEVE TEE for PHP 499 Only

Get the Packable Protective Jacket for PHP 1,499 Only

Get the SW-Board Shorts for PHP 799 Only

Get the Protective Hoodie Top (Ladies) for PHP 899 Only


Finally, we’re here to remind you of the things you shouldn’t ignore. We tend to overlook these essentials, but they play crucial roles in making us comfortable. We’re talking about socks, masks, and cleaners.



It makes us wonder why we don’t talk about socks enough. It’s one of the essential items in our wardrobe, and it’s also a hygienic necessity. And on top of that, it can also be a good fashion statement paired with your kicks.

Crew MS 86 Socks for PHP 179 Only

Get the Ankle MAS 49 Socks for PHP 179 Only


Although borders are opening and we’re now seeing normalcy, it’s still vital for us to be careful and protect ourselves in public places. Don’t throw away your neck gaiters and

masks. Besides, some areas will require you to mask up. Skip the hassle and always bring them with you.

Get the Protective Neck Gaiter for PHP 349 Only

Get the NXT Gear Multi Neck Gaiter for PHP 379 Only

Get the NXT Gear Copper Sports Mask for PHP 549 Only

Get the Protective Neck Gaiter 2 for PHP 349 Only


Okay, not everyone may need cleaning kits – but campers and hikers will find these handy. You’ll never know what you’ll encounter, so bring these kits and whip them out anytime you need them.

Get the Clean & Deodorize Kit for PHP 399 Only

Get the Clean & Condition Kit for PHP 399 Only


We hope we got you thrilled to pack your bags and go on to the adventures that await you. We know it’s a dreadful process, but what comes next are memorable experiences you’ll always treasure.

The secret to a fun trip is comfort, and the answer to comfort is World Balance essentials. 😉

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Written by: Klariz Rae Chen

Edited by : Veronica M. Manlulu

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