Easter in the Philippines is not just a time of reflection and community; it’s a celebration that brings bursts of joy and the gleeful shouts of children as they go on their epic egg hunts. This year, make the Easter egg chase an unforgettable adventure with World Balance’s latest lineup for kids—each shoe crafted to keep pace with the most energetic egg hunters out there!


SIDE SHUFFLE BB: The Agile Adventurer

For the swift and sprightly egg seekers, the SIDE SHUFFLE BB is the ultimate ally. Sporting a sleek design with snazzy blue accents, these shoes are made for those who love a quick pivot or a sudden dash. Their sturdy soles and secure fit ensure that each step is as confident as it is quick, perfect for those split-second moves when spotting a cleverly concealed egg!



SMOOTH STEP BB: The Stylish Sprinter

Meet the SMOOTH STEP BB, the epitome of cool comfort. Dressed in vivid blue and crisp white, these are the shoes that say 'speed with style'. They're for the trendsetters, the pace-setters, and the stylish little sprinters who lead the pack. Whether hopping along the hunt or showcasing their latest find, these sneakers make sure your young ones are the talk of the town.



KIRBY KIDS: The Playful Pacer

With a playful mix of grays and a pop of sunny yellow, the KIRBY KIDS sneakers are here to add fun to function. These velcro straps are designed for those who want to jump into the action without a moment’s delay. They're the go-to for kids who value playtime as much as egg-hunting time, offering ease without sacrificing on flair or fun.



GAME TACTIC BB: The Bold Challenger

And for the kids who tackle every egg hunt with the heart of a champion, the GAME TACTIC BB with its striking black and yellow design is the shoe of choice. These bold kicks are for the go-getters, the never-give-uppers, and the spirited young gamers who view every Easter egg hunt as the ultimate level to beat. With these on their feet, every challenge is met with a fearless grin and a zest for victory.



ZAP TRACER KIDS: The Electrifying Slip-On Sprinters

Get set for a bolt of fun this Easter with the ZAP TRACER KIDS—the ultimate slip-on shoes for kids who can’t wait to sprint into action. With their striking blue and bold red accents, these shoes are a flash of style for the feet of your little lightning chasers. The design is as smart as it is vibrant, with easy slide-on access so that not a second is lost when adventure calls. Perfect for the eager egg hunters who are always ready to zoom off at a moment’s notice, these shoes ensure that your kids are always just a swift slip away from excitement. Let them light up the hunt with ZAP TRACER KIDS, where every step is quick, confident, and full of Easter joy!



This Easter, let World Balance shoes be the wings on your children’s feet as they embark on their lively hunts. Each step, hop, and leap is powered by the comfort and style of World Balance—because when it comes to celebrating one of the most colorful, family-filled holidays in the Philippines, we’re all about making sure it’s fun from the ground up. Gear up your little ones with World Balance and watch as they become the heroes of their own Easter adventure, one joyful step at a time. World Balance is here to make sure that every young seeker can enjoy the thrill of the hunt and the best of the holiday. Hop to it, and let the Easter excitement begin!

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