It’s Finally Summer: 7 Activities to Explore!

Believe it or not, summer is around the corner once again. We know; that was fast.

It’s time to get out of our shells and explore the bright and sunny side. An exciting season deserves to be celebrated with enthused energies and activities – what else are you yet to incorporate into your summer bucket list?

Here’s how we want to spice up our summer. Get an idea or two for yours, or maybe you want to do everything on this list – that’s hot too!


Ride Under Clear Skies

You no longer need to worry about a sudden downpour of rain while you ride this summer. Imagine the clear skies and beautiful views while getting a refreshing exercise; that’s undoubtedly one for the books.  


Expect, though, that it will be a lot hotter than usual. It’s essential to gear up and prepare for those trips. After all, safety is still the top priority. But we all know that it will be worth it.

Mr. Sid Maderazo is complete from head to toe!  
He wears the Speed Gear Sports Eyewear 1, Speed Gear Neck Gaiter, and Secret Fresh iClimax 1980 kicks in white.
Mr. Marc Abaya Speed Gear Jacket and Neck Gaiter
Ms. Ami Yu is wearing the Templar in black mint green.

Hike and Enjoy the Outdoors

Not a rider? You can also soak in the sun and take advantage of the bright sky as you hike or stroll. Take as many pictures as possible and make all the memories you can while you become one with nature, even for a brief moment.

Mr. Gie Masangkay is wearing the Yosemite in gray.

Ms. Danah Asaña is wearing the Regiment in beige.


Go Café Hopping

What’s a great way to beat the heat? We vote for iced coffee. Café hopping sounds like a great plan during sunny weather. Be carefree, look cute, and stay refreshed.

Mr. Kenn Albarracin is wearing the Elevation in white blue.

Mr. Myke Soon is wearing the City Racer in white rust.


Swim and Splash With Water Activities

If iced coffee is a great way to beat the heat, the best of the best ways is still to enjoy the water, of course. It’s a summer staple. As long as you’re being safe, following protocols, and your circumstances allow, why not?   

Get your swimwear and sandals ready for a summer to remember!

Mr. Pancho Magno is wearing the Sonora sandals in black brown.

Ms. Isabel Oli-Prats is wearing the Aqua Rush shoes.

Ms. Emma Tiglao is wearing the Aqua Rush shoes.


Try a New Sport and Activity

The perfect weather means more chances to add to your experiences. It’s not too late to learn something new – be it badminton or dancing. And don’t worry; there’s no pressure to be an expert at once. What we want is to feel the excitement of something novel.

Mr. Janno Gibbs is wearing the Invictus Reveal in black green.

We Are Daydream PH is wearing the Flash Trainer in white.


Visit Museums and Explore Creativity

You can also tap into the creatives within you this summer. Explore museums, appreciate artists and unleash the stress while you embrace the beauty of art and colors.

Mr. Dyepoi is wearing the Invictus City Pack in Tokyo.


Have a Fun Photoshoot

Ditch your ring lights and maximize the best source of lighting there is – natural sunlight! Whip out your phones and start posing with your unique OOTDs and happy smiles.

Mr. Yesu is wearing the Invictus Reveal in black green.

Ms. Coco is wearing the Kaia in pink.

Mr. Leo is wearing the Ascendant in white.


Let World Balance Join You This Summer.

No matter how you plan to spend your summer, we’d be happy to accompany you through all the fun.  

  • Ride under clear skies  
  • Hike and enjoy the outdoors 
  • Go café hopping  
  • Swim and splash with water activities 
  • Try a new sport and activity  
  • Visit museums and explore creativity 
  • Have a fun photoshoot  

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Hashtag: #worldbalance


Photo Sources:  

  • World Balance Instagram 
  • Marc Abaya @marc_abaya instagram 

Written by : Klariz Rae C. Chen

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