It’s the Kiddos’ Turn to Have Fun!

Two summers!

Two summers in a row where kids couldn’t enjoy the summer fun outdoors as they should. We remember having many activities lined up during our younger years. We enjoyed the bright, sunny weather while sweating as we endlessly changed bimpos and poured baby powder down our backs.

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Sadly, many kiddos didn’t experience that recently. If anything, the past years pushed us further into the digital world, where tablets and phones are now the definitions of playtime.

Let’s fix that a bit this summer, shall we? Now that the restrictions are easing, it’s time for our youngsters to experience the outdoors and have fun without the screen. But of course, let’s do all that safely


1. Mall Time

We’re pretty sure that the mall was the first place you went to after the easing. Considering the situation, malls are the most accessible, and both adults and kids can have a good time. Win-win!

By simply strolling inside the mall for a day, your kids can get more movement and exercise than in a week combined. Being cooped up at home while facing screens is no joke, so going out occasionally can be beneficial.

But of course, we are urging you to observe health protocols and observe safety! Wear masks, sanitize, and choose a mall with more open spaces. 

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2. Explore Zoos and Safari Adventures

If you haven’t heard, Manila Zoo opened its gates to the public. People have been flocking to outdoor adventures such as this because it’s open-air, fascinating, and unique! Plus, it’s educational, too.

It’s the perfect place to entertain your kids as they explore freely. We want them to be comfortable and avoid blisters, and good quality kicks are always the answer.

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3. Try New Sports

An extended school break is a perfect time to learn new things. Since these youngsters are growing more active by the day, why not engage them in new sports? Have a little interest-check – do they want basketball, football, or volleyball? Or maybe karate, taekwondo, or judo?

But wait, safety first! Before enrolling them in such sports, ensure that they’re equipped with proper sports gear. This includes the correct shoes, appropriate attire, and handy bags. Investing in these for their safety and comfort will be worth it.

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4. Swimming

What’s summer without some water fun? Now that resorts and beaches are booming again, you may consider bringing your kids for some splish and splash. For others, you might prefer private or hotel pools.


Either way, we all agree that water adventures are a must during a hot sunny day.

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5. Play Around Your Home

As fun as it sounds, some of us might still feel iffy and scared to go out. It’s okay! You shouldn’t feel pressured to take outdoor vacations and beach trips if you’re not ready – summer fun is always possible, even at home.

Set exciting activities around the house. Build forts, play in the backyard, or join virtual activities. We’re sure that your kids will still enjoy their time with you.

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6. Shop for Back to School

Admit it; we LOVE shopping. We’ve been forced to shift online for the past years, but that didn’t stop us from buying things that spark joy! This time, take your kids to shop. It’s never too early to prepare for back to school.

Let them choose their preferred bags, PE shoes, and designs. These are also memorable moments to get to know your children more – what color they like, what design they prefer, and what items catch their eyes.


7. Visit the Relatives

It’s not only your little ones who’ll enjoy this, but also your family! Spending time with relatives is one of the best exposures for children. Remember all the fun memories you had in lolo and lola’s house?

Photo: Hananeko_Studio via Shutterstock


Let Them Run Around

You probably noticed the common theme here: we want our kids to enjoy the outside world and move their feet. We feel for them – sitting still in every online class, staring at screens the entire day, and moving very little.

It’s very different from how most of us remember our childhood. But of course, the situations are different, and nothing else was more important than to keep them safe. For that, great job, parents! We know it wasn’t easy for you, too.

We think it’s time to reward your kids and yourself with some well-deserved summer break. Make some unforgettable memories that they’ll keep forever. We’ll be more than happy to accompany you on these adventures!



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Written by : Klariz Rae C. Chen

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