Kicks to Kickstart Your Fitness Journey

New year, new me?  


After all the delicious holiday food, health and fitness are always present in our new year resolutions. But let’s admit it, the challenge is real 


How about we inspire you with some new kicks, so you can jumpstart that 2022 goal? Does “new year, new kicks” sound better? We think it does.  



Kicks to Kickstart Your Fitness Journey

Fitness is not so much about losing weight only but more about incorporating a healthier lifestyle. Working out is one way to achieve it.  


And in working out, you need the right gears and appropriate shoes to ensure your safety and wellness 


Here’s where One Up comes in. We’re here to help!  

As for the workouts and exercises, who can we trust better than our One Up Makers? They’ve tried these sneakers, tagged us on Instagram, and they loved them. We’re loving them too!


Jump Freely with Elysium and Andres Entuna (@jumpnbeats)

Here’s a confession: we’ve been really enjoying watching those jump rope videos and reels. There’s something so satisfying about the perfect timing and synchronized beats with every step.  


One of our favorite jumpers has got to be Mr. Andres Entuna, also known as @jumpnbeats on Instagram.

And guess what we’ve spotted? Our very own Elysium M in white.  


Joining his every jump and skip, the Elysium M matched Mr. Entuna’s enthusiasm and energy

Thanks to the flexible knit and durable soles, it easily delivers the promise of feeling free. Move around, jump up and down, run here and there – go crazy! This pair can handle you.  


If white is not for you, it also comes in other colors. Plus, it has several size options to choose from. Everyone is welcome.  

Get the Elysium for only PHP 999! 

So, do you maybe want to consider jumping rope this year? Go for it! Gear up with your rope, some @jumpnbeats videos, and a pair of Elysium kicks.


Bike and Vibe with Cesca and Jom Logdat (@jomlogdat)

For days you want to refresh while getting great exercise, you may want to try biking. Take Instagram influencer Ms. Jom Logdat as an example. 

We’re vibing with her laid-back but elevated style as she went for a refreshing bike ride. Do you see her kicks, too?   


Yes! Ms. Logdat is wearing the Cesca in pastel pink. It’s a reliable pair that protects and cushions the feet throughout the entire ride. Besides the performance, it also serves looks from the upper part of the sneaker down to the soles!


Gym and Stroll with Cesca and Denise Silva (@itsdenisesilva)

On days you want to work out at the gym or have a relaxing walk, let Ms. Denise Silva show you how it’s done. 

And yes, she’s also sporting the Cesca in pastel pink. We’re telling you, there’s a lot to love about this pair.  


If you’re looking for kicks that can accompany you from chill strolls to intense workouts and can level up your look while you’re at it, you’ve found it. Workout outfits that are functional and Instagram-worthy at the same time? That’s the goal!  


Not a fan of vibrant kicks? The Cesca also comes in the color black. There are no more excuses! 

Get the Cesca for only PHP 950! 


Lifting Groceries with Perseus and CL (@ohleerrific)

It doesn’t have to be formal workouts all the time. CL or @ohleerific on Instagram “carried 5kgs of rice, groceries and Christmas ham on the way home.”  


If you ask us, that is a total workout. The lift game is real.  

And we’d like to believe that our Perseus L, as spotted in her post, helped her carry everything with ease! With the chunky soles and breathable mesh, even 10 hams won’t be a problem.  


Okay, maybe you will need some help by then. But your feet will be well-cushioned for sure.  


The Perseus L has always been a crowd-favorite, and we understand. It checks all boxes from aesthetic to durability, to affordability.

Get the Perseus for only PHP 950! 


Found Your New Year Fitness Buddy?

We hope our One Up Makers motivated you enough to get started on your goals. If you’re eyeing a pair (or two, or three), you can take a closer look by clicking on these links below:  


It doesn’t matter how many new years have passed, you can keep holding on to that resolution. We strongly believe that this year will be THE year, and we hope to be a part of it.  


On that note, we always love seeing your posts and how you style our One Up kicks. Keep tagging us for a chance to get featured 

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Hashtag: #OneUpYourGame 


Let’s start this year strong, One Up Makers. Shop One Up now! 


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Written by Klariz Rae Chen

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