Lace Up for Face-to-Face Classes

 F2F-friendly kicks!

The isolation that once felt like forever has finally started to ease down. Kids are now allowed back at malls, function halls became much more operable (with social distancing, of course), and even universities, as well as schools, started to open their gates for limited face-to-face classes.

This may not be the end of virtual hangouts and online meetings, but it's a step forward towards your daily routines. You would surely not miss out on dressing well on your first day of F2F classes (again). Don’t worry, we made a list of awesome shoes for the different types of students you missed so dearly. World Balance definitely got a pair for each style.

Clearly, one of these F2F-friendly kicks is for you😏.

1. Clean Whites for Health Science Students

When the opportunity to train more aspiring doctors and nurses arose, they were one of the first to go ahead and study F2F. For each demo and consultation, we got them covered with the SPIRO for men and MAUI L for the ladies. Comfortable, durable, and perfect for long routine walks.

2. Category is: Social Distancing

Wash Day Wednesdays (or whenever that may be for your school) are for the fashion icons whose runways are school halls. Of course, they would not be left out with our fun and very stylish TENACITY M for men, and the TENACITY L for the women. These are available in colors that are pleasing to the eyes - ever ready to make a statement at school without trying too much! Express your newfound personality and expression with these kicks, and they will never fail you.

3. Comfort and Style for the Jocks

While sports leagues have been playing inside the bubble for quite a while now, our resident school athletes have been waiting for far too long! With relentless energy ready for the roaring crowds, we want nothing but the best performance shoes for them. The ZETA RUNNER for men and the LEIA for women embodies peak performance and traction, ready for the gym floors. Hey, even your local PE enthusiasts would love these too!

4. Essentials for the All-Around Org Kids

Let’s not forget the unsung heroes responsible for the fun activities on or off the campus. These busy bodies deserve our best athleisure classic shoes that are not only built for mobility - but they’re also dashing in style. For the men, the ELEVATION is definitely a great option for that additional heel support and durability. The ladies would not tarry with rough heels, thanks to the ZEPHYR and its sporty-chic vibe all over.


Grab yours now through our, or through World Balance stores in your area and step into the F2F classes with just the right amount of swagger!


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Let us know your top picks and comment them below. 👇👇👇


Written by:  Maan De Vera

Edited by: Veronica M. Manlulu

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