March Up to Her: Featuring World Balance Women

This month, we’re celebrating our World Balance women who rocked our collections with undeniable confidence and grace.  

It’s always exciting to accompany you with your workouts, walks, and weekend day-offs. See how some of our ladies styled WB shoes and apparel.


Kayang Kaia with Ms. Aubrey Miles (@milesaubrey)

Full-body workouts? Kayang Kaia! As Ms. Aubrey said in her post, nothing comes easy, but discipline can lead to achievements. Her workout videos always show her determination and passion, and they motivate us to reach for our goals too.

 We love seeing the Kaia Reflect on #amilesworkout clips. The glow-in-the-dark and neon colorways add to her already on-point outfits. Plus, we’re confident that the pair somehow makes the challenging routines a little easier


Hike and Slay with DJ Raqi Terra (@raqiterra)

One of our constants, DJ Raqi Terra never fails to rock World Balance pieces. For her hike, she’s slaying everything from head to toe. And by “everything,” we mean from the cap, top, bag, and down to the shoes.

But if we are to choose a favorite, it would be the Firm Ground on her. A good hike demands good shoes, and we couldn’t think of a better pair to accompany DJ Raqi. And is it just us? Her refreshing posts are making us miss the outdoors even more!


Photoshoot Adventures with Ms. Jazzmin Ocampo (@ocampojazz)

Rooftop photoshoots are great, but a rooftop photoshoot by Ms. Jazz is an entirely different topic. The laid-back streetwear look, the poses, the vibe – everything comes together.

Adding to her overall look is the Odyssey 2.0 in beige. Its sock-like fit has always been a crowd favorite, and why not? It’s comfortable, flexible, and visually stunning.


Next Level Grocery Shopping with Ms. Jai and Joj Agpangan (@jaiagpangan)

Ms. Jai brings grocery shenanigans to another level with the Nexus L sneakers. Contrasting her colorful top, the clean black and white colorway adds the perfect touch to her OOTD.

Reminding you to add to cart (we’re kidding), Ms. Joj Agpangan is also gracing us with the Kaia in white, complementing her neon green top. #SanaAll aesthetically on-point while running errands.


Kaia Mo Rin Like Ms. Inah Estrada (@inah)

Speaking of Kaia, here’s another way to flaunt it as showcased by Ms. Inah. She matched the chunky Kaia sneakers with a simple dress, elevating her whole outfit. She sure showed us how car photoshoots should be done. Kaia mo rin ba? Give it a try!


Kaia Ang On the Go with Ms. Debbie Then (@debbie_then)

It seems like our World Balance women are loving the Kaia kicks. We understand! It doesn’t only serve you comfort, but also looks. While we’re on the topic of serving looks, Ms. Debbie is absolutely stunning wearing the Kaia in white.

Whether you’re going for long walks with your doggo or doing intense workouts, the Kaia sneakers will remain unfazed. It’s a good option for those who are always on the go but still want to look put together. Well, take Ms. Debbie as an example!


Wrap Up in Style with Ms. Regine Aldaba (@reginaaldaba)

Here’s a fun fact: the Light Jacket 34 was originally worn by a male model. But Ms. Regina styled it her way, and we are absolutely IN LOVE with her look.

The jacket is versatile and flexible, great for different uses. Whether you intend for it to be a top for running and jogging or as overall outerwear, it will easily become your favorite cover-up too – like Ms. Regina!


Eye-Catching Neutrals with Ms. Danah Asaña (@danahasana)

Neutrals are supposed to be chill and muted. But something about Ms. Danah’s style makes the neutral colors eye-catching. And speaking of eye-catching, is there anything else that stood out to you? Here’s a hint: spot the hidden mickey.


She’s wearing the Mickey x Habi L shoes from our Disney collection. Like the Odyssey 2.0, this pair features a sock-like fit, making it breathable and comfortable for your ankles. To make it even more special, the logo is made with traditional habi or woven material.


Here’s to Our World Balance Women!

When it comes to style, we think that our World Balance women do it best. Here’s to all of you strong and beautiful ladies. Thank you to those who tagged us as we always love seeing your posts.  



Get a chance to be featured too by tagging us at @worldbalanceph on Instagram and using the hashtag #WorldBalance. Your posts make us kilig!  


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