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We recently got wind of the ultimate day-out by our favorite power couple, Bea Benedicto and Jech Tiu, and boy, was it a treat! What happens when you combine the hippest street in town, Maginhawa, with the ultimate in comfy-chic footwear? A day to remember, that’s what.

Struttin' and Strollin'

First off, can we take a moment to appreciate how Bea and Jech absolutely owned Maginhawa Street with their World Balance game? Every step seemed effortless and stylish. Whether it was hopping from a quirky café or stopping by some artsy nook, those WB shoes were making all the difference. And honestly? We're here for it.



Kicking off the tour, Bea and Jech made their first stop at this inviting coffee haven. With the sun shining bright, their World Balance shoes paired perfectly with the vibrant energy of the café and the aroma of freshly brewed coffee.


A place where every frame is a masterpiece, Studio Persona was the backdrop for some stylish shots. Their World Balance footwear stood out, matching the studio's chic aesthetic.



The heart and soul of Filipino cuisine. While indulging in the rich and unique dishes, it was evident how World Balance seamlessly blends with the Pinoy spirit - authentic, dynamic, and proud.



Dessert time! And what better place than Puff & Dough. The Bake Lab's sweet offerings were a treat, much like the comfort of World Balance shoes after a long walk.




As day turned to evening, our stylish couple found themselves savoring the tastes of Korea. Their World Balance gear, once again, proving versatile enough to fit any setting or cuisine.


Why World Balance Rocks for Walking Tours:

Now, it's one thing to look the part, but another to feel the part. Maginhawa isn’t just another street; it's a marathon of experiences. This is where World Balance steps in! Here’s why:

Comfort Like No Other: Navigate cobbled streets or sudden downpours; these shoes got your back.

Versatility for the Win: From casual brunches to evening chill-outs, one pair fits all occasions.

Pinoy Pride: World Balance isn’t just a brand; it's a statement of who we are.


Wrapping it Up: Lifestyle Meets Adventure

Our take? Maginhawa through Bea and Jech's eyes (and feet!) was a blend of culture, adventure, and absolute style. If you ever needed inspo to hit the streets and explore, this is it. And while we're talking about stepping out in style, let's not forget to mention the Steps Ahead Collection, the latest shoe rave in town!


Adding A Sporty Spring to Every Step


Okay, shoe aficionados, if you thought Bea and Jech's Maginhawa adventures sounded fabulous before, you're about to be blown away! The secret behind their seamless Maginhawa marathon? The ultra-comfortable StepsAhead shoes by World Balance. Whether it was savoring the rich Pinoy cuisine at Provençiano, enjoying the Korean flavors at Ramyeon Bar, or simply taking in the vibrant sights and sounds of Maginhawa street, the StepsAhead Collection, with its springfoam midsole technology, ensured they remained on top of their game. Every step cushioned, every stride effortless.

Bea and Jech have found the ideal companion for those urban adventures and so can you. If you're into an active lifestyle, with a zest to explore every nook and cranny of your city, the Steps Ahead Collection is your dream come true. And the best part? No laces, no fuss! Slide them on and be on your way. A perfect blend of sporty, chic, and functional.

And hey, if you're game for your own Maginhawa journey, or any adventure for that matter, these shoes are the footwear to choose. You'll be raving about their comfort just like our favorite power couple.

Ready to strut your own Maginhawa adventure? Or perhaps another location that tickles your fancy? Dive into it with the StepsAhead shoes and feel the difference. And of course, we'd love to see how you pair them up. Show us your pics, stories, and favorite spots by tagging us on social media. Here’s to more steps, more discoveries, and more shoe-love!

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Want to see their fun-filled adventure? Watch the FULL VLOG here!

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Written by: Veronica Manlulu

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