Rest Is Productive Too: Taking It Slow with World Balance

Productivity is not limited to active movements and consistent performances. There will be days when you don’t feel like doing the strenuous workouts, when you want to ditch the tiring activities, and when you want to take a breather and relax.  

On days like these, take it slow. We will not be the first to say that rest is also productive. But we shall be your reminder today: quiet, recuperating days are equally healthy 

Let us take slow days together, shall we? And we’ll do it in style.

Schedule Chill Days

If today does not feel like leg day, that’s okay. You can change your gym view for a day and go for alternatives. It could be switching to low-impact workouts, jogging outside, or taking a quick walk. What matters is that you show up

Mr. Marc Solis is chilling in style with the Kickstarter M in black.

Ms. Jayda Avanzado on her flight with the comfy Kaia Reflect in black.


Sprawl With Comfortable Clothes

Dressing up is fun. There is nothing wrong when we sometimes choose style over comfort or squeeze a little into our pants. But today, you may want to take comfort up a notch and opt for easy loungewear 


It doubles the relaxation when your clothes move with you, and you feel the softness brushing over your skin. No squeezing and discomfort for today, please – only breathability. Plus points if they are cute and stylish like our Easy Wear V-Neck and Easy Wear Wide Pants. If it gets a bit cold, throw on a zip-up hoodie!

We have something for the gentlemen too. You don’t have to worry when you suddenly crave a coffee run; your loungewear will make you look as presentable as any other pang-alis. The Easy Wear Crew Neck and Easy Wear Pants have your back.  

Set Your Phones Down

Along with physical restoration, mental rest is also essential. Lying down but scrolling endlessly is not rest. You will find yourself feeling more relaxed with slow walks and light activities. Take a break from the digital world and spend time outside. Surround yourself with greens and nature if you can! 

Mr. JV Galdones is wearing the Zephyr in black gray.

Analykix is wearing Invictus Reveal in orange.

Mr. Dyepoi is wearing the Odyssey 2.0 M in white.


Spend Time Doing WHATEVER You Want

Dedicate most of your time today doing what you have always wanted. Be it as simple as playing with your pets for longer hours, visiting a restaurant you have been eyeing for months, or organizing your long overdue living room.   


There is no one definition for rest. We leave this part up to you! Think of something that you know will make you feel refreshed afterward and do it.

Kids need to have fun too with Bandila and Callen sneakers. 
Photo credits: @yeshacamile626 and @reginevalcasid

Stop Feeling Guilty for Resting

Most slow days end with us wanting more. For some reason, you spend time calculating the amount of work you’ll return to and feel guilty for not doing anything now. Instead of getting recharged, you spent the days with pangs of regret and anxiety.  


It is easier said than done but embrace these restoration periods. You are not simply lounging around doing nothing; you are resting to be even more productive.


Take It Slow with Us

Rest days should not end with a 1-day plan. It is not doing these things today and going back to tireless hustling tomorrow. Incorporate slow days into your daily routines, and you’ll see a difference, we promise.  


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