Shoe Advice: 5 things you should know about EasySoft


May EasySoft ba dito?   

World Balance ba ang EasySoft?   

Dito ba yung flexible na shoes? Yung waterproof? 

What’s EasySoft?   

Where can I buy EasySoft?   

THOSE… and a LOT more questions about EasySoft are brought to our attention.   

Shoes, they come in all sizes and weights. Some shoes stand out more than others.   

When shopping for your next pair of shoes, you want to have more than fashion in mind — you'll also want to consider function and keeping your feet in good shape. These 5 fun facts can help you choose the right shoes:


EasySoft is popular for their waterproof and comfortable shoes. But did you know that we take it to another level by designing each shoe to be DURABLE, FLEXIBLE, and EASY TO CLEAN?  

These features make every EasySoft shoe withstand the everyday wear and tear. But don’t just take our word for it! If you need more proof than our enthusiasm, check out these posts made by EasySoft users: 






These features are just some of the reasons why students and fast food crew prefer to use EasySoft. A pair of shoes that can keep up with their active work and busy lifestyle.   

Whether you're working at a fast food restaurant, waiting tables, and serving food…  

or running around campus and commuting back and forth…  

you'll find the EasySoft shoes keep up with you for longer than any other brand on the market!


You already hit the jackpot with EasySoft’s features and functionality. But we don’t just end there! EasySoft shoes are made to be stylish and fashionable. 


This is not your ordinary waterproof footwear that you only use when it’s flooding. The NEW EasySoft styles can definitely keep up with the latest trend!   

These shoes will take you to places.   

That's right, we're talking about shoes that look great in the office and are still stylish enough to wear on a date.




Now, you may be asking: COMFY BA ‘YAN?    

By now, you should know that we made sure that we did not miss out on that one! This is not a “TIIS GANDA/POGI” shoe….  

From its brand’s name “Easy” and “Soft”, each shoe is designed to keep you comfortable, protected and at ease ALL DAY LONG. 


When you work in a profession where you are constantly on your feet and providing care for others, remember that you deserve to receive the care that you give.   

That’s why EasySoft is committed to making shoes that can be used by medical professionals, nurses, and frontliners alike—shoes that will allow them to take care of themselves as well as they take good care of their patients. 


Yep! EasySoft  is a sister brand of World Balance that’s why they are often associated with each other and also the reason why you can see it in some World Balance physical stores.  

If you trust World Balance, you can get assured that EasySoft’s quality is at par with its sister company!  

Easy Soft specializes in mould-injected footwear that is a more durable alternative to leather shoes, but not compromising its stylish side! The brand made sure that Easy Soft's revolutionary all-weather footwear is engineered with a special technology that makes each shoe durable, flexible, waterproof, and ultra-comfy. 



You’re in luck because you can now buy EasySoft shoes from the following channels:  






EasySoft is not only a brand that offers top quality shoes, but also your life partner in chasing dreams. So, wear it every day and reveal your best self to the world.  

Chasing dreams never looked and felt this good.  



EasySoft knows what their customers want: to pay less for quality shoes.  

Each pair cost much less than the average leather or sneaker shoes. Thus, it really is a great alternative!  

Check out these budget-friendly shoes that are made EVEN MORE affordable!   







Head over to EasySoft’s website and cop a pair or two today!   

Already bought your shoes? Tag us on our social media pages and let us know how your EasySoft experience was. We love seeing your posts!  


Written by: Veronica M. Manlulu 

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