Shoot Your Shot: Premium Basketball Shoes for Less Than PHP 3000

Let’s face it; it’s not easy to shoot your shot and score.

And we’re talking about actual shots here – like, hoops and basketball. Although, yes, it’s also hard to shoot your shot in other aspects of life.

But let’s serve one problem at a time, okay?


Let’s first up your A-game in court, and we assure you, the rest will follow.

A good game requires good shoes, but good kicks are often expensive.

We don’t believe in that.

We believe that premium should be accessible, and affordable doesn’t have to mean low quality. You can get a crossover of both in World Balance.

If you’re on the hunt for competitive basketball shoes to spice up your next games, you’re in the right zone! We made this list for you.


Surprise Them with Your Moves: Enigma

PHP 2,299 (discounted price)

Sharp moves are only possible with clear-cut control in every step.

Lucky for you, the Enigma knows what you need to confuse and surprise your opponents with your well-calculated moves.

The rubber outsoles of this pair are made for optimal control. You can swerve left or right with no problem.

Not only that, but the bottom soles will also give you the traction needed for a good performance too. And yes, that means every run, drive, or jump will be protected and precise!


The Enigma also comes in three colorways: blue, white, and black. Whatever your lucky color is, there’s an option for you.



Break Free, Be Limitless: Boundless

PHP 1,799 (discounted price)


Of course, we’re all about following the rules and winning fair and square.

But within these rules, we’re also encouraging you to be boundless!

Don’t limit yourself to the usual, don’t stick to mediocre, and always go for your best option – like our Boundless M pair.

Packed with breathable and flexible knit, you’re free to embrace your moves with absolute comfort.

And even better, you also have double protection with a rubber overlay to ensure that each jump and lay-up is sturdy and on-point.



While we know that style comes second to functionality, we can’t help but brag about the color selections of Boundless: blue, white, and black!

Looking so clean and classy, they deserve to earn some plus points in your style game.


MVP Material: Ace Player

PHP 1,839.20 (discounted price)



When we say MVP material, we mean it in two ways.

The first one is you, of course. No justification is needed.

And the second one is your trusty sidekick, the Ace Player. It’s not just an MVP in the features aspect, but also the visual game.

It has your back, literally, with the man-made leather back counter. Not only for aesthetic purposes, but it also gives you the durable support your back feet need through each twist and turn during the game.

We also can’t forget the soles. Look at those lines and patterns!

We don’t need to explain it anymore. You just know that the Ace Player understands traction better than anyone else.

Like our other pairs, this one also has options you can choose from. Navy, red, or white, they all deliver the premium quality that won’t disappoint.


Youngest MVP: Ace Player Kids

PHP 2,150

Special mention to our young MVPs – we can’t forget them!


The Ace Player also comes in kids’ sizes and the same colorways. Get matching pairs with your little ones and start them young.

The knit and mesh combo, plus the soft cushioning of the insoles, will snuggle those small feet perfectly.

You don’t have to worry about them running and jumping on the court; the Ace Player protects your ace player!


Show Them Your A-Game: Alpha Core

PHP 2,299


We know your A-game is waiting to shine! Why not let the Alpha Core give you a boost?

If the Ace Player’s hint of leather is too subtle for you, you might want to opt for full-leather kicks with Alpha Core.

It’s rare to associate leather with sports kicks, but it’s not impossible. In fact, it adds to the overall durability, which is what you need in a good pair of basketball shoes.

And of course, have we mentioned the moisture control and ventilation that the Alpha Core is most proud of?

Intense moves inside the court need to be complemented with comfort and protection. This pair knows that, and it’s here to show you what premium quality really means.


Own It, Win It: Court Legend 2.0

PHP 2,899

We know confidence in court when we see it.

Every catch and throw will be smooth and sharp, and you’ll play like a court legend that everybody will talk about after the game.

Believe us; we can make that extra possible with a pair that does all the work for you.

You can drive or do a fast break comfortably and confidently with added buckles for a more embraced fit.

The heel counter of our Court Legend 2.0 is also packed with additional protection, allowing you to enjoy the softness of knit without compromising your intense moves.

Just focus on being one with the game, and let this pair take charge of your every step.



Every legend also has a stylish taste, of course. You can choose from red, white, and black, and outshine everyone both in performance and style!


Shoot Your Best Shot: Sharpshooter

PHP 1,999

Last but never least, the Sharpshooter.

As long as you give your best, this pair doesn’t mind passing on the sharpshooter title to you.

But don’t worry too much. With the benefits you’ll get, shooting those shots won’t even make you break a sweat.


Are you ready to be amazed by what the Sharpshooter can do?


It enhances the cushioning for your feet. Every impact and landing will feel soft and bouncy, preparing you well for your next move.

The materials are also designed for moisture control and ventilation so that sweating will be the least of your concerns. 

And, of course, the traction is guaranteed.



Just glance at the bottom soles, and you already know that movement control is already a given.

And if you’re waiting for the color selections, the Sharpshooter won’t let you down either.

Whether you go for white or black, you’ll still get that lively pop of orange – like how your game should be. Concentrate seriously, but play and enjoy with liveliness!

So, which one is your winning pair?

While they’re all winners to us, we know that there’s a perfect pair (or two) for you.

Don’t miss the discounted price of some of the basketball shoes on this list!

Here’s a quick summary of the pairs we’ve mentioned:


  • Enigma
  • Boundless M
  • Ace Player & Ace Player Kids
  • Alpha Core
  • Court Legend 2.0
  • Sharpshooter


We hope we were able to help you find your best match for your next match.

As we said from the start, it’s hard to shoot your shots. But to that, we say – it’s a lot easier as long as you have the right pair of kicks.

Trust our picks and shop World Balance for your next best score! 

Article is written by: Klariz Rae Chen

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