Sneaker Care 101: Alagang World Balance!

Flexing your shoes is great, but sneakerheads also know that cleaning and caring for your kicks are equally important. It’s ‘cool’ too!  

Your pairs deserve the best care, so let’s do it the World Balance way. Or as we’d like to say it, alagang World Balance ‘yan!  

Basic Care

Starting with the most basic tips, here’s an easy-to-remember guide on how you can correctly care for any type of shoes.  

Just remember our simple acronym WORLD for a well-balanced shoe care routine. 

  • Warm water, soft cloth 
  • Optimize with WB Shoe Care Kits 
  • Room temperature and air dry 
  • Laces and insoles need care too 
  • Dry and cool places for storage 

Warm Water Hand Soft Cloth  

When cleaning your shoes, don’t be aggressive. Remember that the materials are delicate, and anything rough will affect the quality. DO NOT submerge in water.  

For some light cleaning, use warm water and a soft cloth only. You can spot-clean the dirty areas or wipe the entire sneaker if you want. Doing this after every use or from time to time is good enough for regular cleaning and getting rid of minimal dirt.  


Optimize with World Balance Shoe Care Kits  

But let’s face it, water and soap are not enough for odor problems, disinfection, and quality maintenance. It’s best to use special formulations to target the spots.  

More than cleaning them, the World Balance care kits will make the shoes look good as new. See the Specific Care section below for the full instructions.


 Room Temperature and Air Drying

The process doesn’t stop with cleaning. There are proper ways to dry your kicks without damaging them.  


Though we understand that it’s faster to tumble dry (a.k.a. using a dryer machine) your shoes, it leads us back to the ‘don’t be aggressive’ tip we mentioned above.  

Don’t force dry your sneakers with artificial heat like hairdryers, heaters, or direct sunlight. Let your sneakers air dry naturally at room temperature; let them breathe!  

Laces and Insoles Need Caring Too  

You know what they say, love means loving every part of them. Yes, we’re still talking about shoes. What we mean is don’t leave out the accessories – laces and insoles 

For the laces, use soapy water to wash then hang them to dry.  

For the insoles, use warm soapy water and use a brush to fully clean it.   

Dry and Cool Places for Storage 

After washing and drying, it’s best to store them somewhere dry and cool. This is to maintain the quality even if you’re not using them. Avoid humid places as these can form mold – you don’t want that.  


Make sure that everything you’ve washed – the sneaker, laces, and insoles – is completely dry before storing them in a contained space.  


Specific Care

If what you need are specific care tips for a certain sneaker type, this is your section. From videos to step-by-step instructions and tips, we got you!  

Without bias, our best tip is to use the care kits. These are specially formulated with the intended purpose of cleaning your kicks beyond water and soap. Why settle if there’s an option to optimize the cleaning process? 


Multi-Material Sneakers (WB Clean & Deodorize Kit)  

We suggest using the WB Clean and Deodorize Kit for shoes made with these materials (or in some cases, one shoe has ALL) 

  • Knit  
  • Canvas 
  • Cotton 
  • Nylon 
  • Mesh  
  • General types of textiles

The kit contains a cleaner and conditioner, an odor eliminator, and a brush that help you get rid of bacteria, fungi, and sweat build-up.



Leather Sneakers (WB Clean & Conditioner Kit)

For leather, the care is similar. But instead of the odor eliminator, you’ll use a leather cleaner and conditioner that comes with the WB Clean & Condition Kit specific for the material.  

And yes, it works on all leather types: full-grain, smooth, and man-made.

Spray and brush the cleaner on the target spots, then apply the leather conditioner with these steps:   

  • Shake before use.  
  • Apply with a soft sponge or cloth 
  • Let the solution sit for 3-5 minutes.  
  • Wipe gently for that glossy finish.  



Suede and Nubuck Sneakers (WB Suede & Nubuck Care Kit)

For suede and nubuck, you need to be extra careful. These materials are more delicate than others and require special care. 


The SHOE method is NOT the right way for these types. But don’t be intimidated. It’s quite easy with the WB Suede & Nubuck Care Kit. You’re completely equipped with what you need already.  


  • Brush off dust particles using the horsehair brush 
  • Rub off stains and dirt using the cleaning block.  


And you’re done! There are actually more “DON’Ts” to remember with these materials:   

  • DON’T SOAK your suede and nubuck with water.  
  • DON’T USE LIQUIDS on these sneakers. 
  • DON’T USE leather cream, oil, polisher, and wax 



Ready to Love Your Kicks the World Balance Way?

Use this article as your ultimate guide to care for your sneakers. It’s easy, quick, and a worthy investment for your shoes.  

Other than keeping it shiny, clean, and disinfected, it’s a smart way to preserve the quality so your favorite sneakers will last longer. Just follow our tips and acronyms, and you’re good.  

Shop World Balance now and let everyone know what it’s like to be alagang World Balance!  

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