The AuraFlex Collection: Embrace Your Movements

Let’s face it, ladies. Bras are uncomfortable. But as much as we want to move freely, we also need support. Enter the new AuraFlex, the versatile yoga collection, understanding precisely what your body needs to embrace your every move without sacrificing comfort.


If there’s anything we’ve come to value since working from home, it’s comfy clothes. The thought of wearing wired bras and tight jeans again is dreading, but with our new collection? Not anymore.

AuraFlex Crossback Bra

Bras and innerwear are easy to find. They’re everywhere! But not all of them have the features to guarantee flexible movements. This is why the AuraFlex Crossback is different. It is designed to custom-fit your body shape and hug all the right places.


Aside from the fact that it’s comfortable, it will look stunning on you. Not to mention, the crisscross design at the back makes it a unique piece in your wardrobe. A bra that highlights your curves without the discomfort? Sign us up.


Check Out the Crossback Bra for Only PHP 799


AuraFlex Racerback Bra

A regular racerback bra in one glance, but it has a pocket of surprise! No, literally. It has a pocket at the back for your small valuables.


The fabric is made explicitly for mobility, allowing you to jump and move around without feeling restricted. Isn’t that what we’re all longing for? Plus, it’s versatile enough to wear either as sportswear or an everyday bra – or both.


One of our favorite parts is the removable padding, a feature that the Crossback Bra also has. On days you don’t like the extra padding, remove it. The choice is always there.

Check Out the Racerback Bra for Only PHP 799


Auraflex Leggings

What’s a top without matching bottoms? Of course, we have leggings! These pairs keep up with the flexibility and versatility of our Crossback and Racerback bras with their 80% nylon and 20% spandex material.


You can do lunges, squats, and run around town with these. They also come in staple but beautiful colorways: black, rust, and dark blue that you can mix and match with the Auraflex bras.


Check Out the Auraflex Leggings for Only PHP 1,199


Why Choose AuraFlex?

So, of the many activewear options out there, what makes the Auraflex Collection special?

You can buy  them as a set (sports bra + leggings) for only P1,799

Premium Materials

The stretchability and breathability of these pieces are only possible with high-quality materials. The design has easy movement as a priority, so expect these pieces to have that soft, buttery texture. It can endure both low and high-impact workouts without irritating your skin.

It’s for Everyone

Because of the premium materials, it’s made to hug your curves with a comfy compression and give off a slimmer look. It embraces all body types–as we should. Finally, workout clothes that cater to everyone!

Aesthetic Value

Let’s be honest; these AuraFlex pieces are beautiful. The seamless design and minimalist colorways give it a modern chic fashion. You can style them as casual wear, and you’ll still look effortlessly put together.

The designs are also timeless. They’re the items worthy of being included in your wardrobe capsule. You can also wear them as basics repeatedly without judgment. Let’s say it all together: repeating outfits is more than okay.


If there’s one thing you need to know about us, we value comfort, style, and affordability equally. We believe that high-quality active and loungewear should be accessible, and we’re here to make it happen through our new AuraFlex Collection.

We want you to experience premium materials and high aesthetic value without breaking the bank, sis!

We Know What We’re Doing

Finally, here at World Balance, we know what we’re doing when making and curating the collection. We’ve been a leading lifestyle and activewear brand for over four decades for a reason. We knew what it takes to bring you reliable, supportive, and well-made pieces.

Feel the buttery soft, and stretchy Auraflex pieces yourself. Get your hands on the collection and shop World Balance at now to embrace your movements the way you deserve, ladies!


Written by : Klariz Rae Chen

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