The Groundbreaking Tech Behind the ST2 ALAMAT Revealed!

Basketball is not just a game in the Philippines—it's a passion, a way of life, and now, with the launch of the ST2 ALAMAT by World Balance, it's a quest for legendary status. Get ready, Pinoy ballers, because we’re about to leap into the future of on-court excellence.

The Genesis of Greatness

World Balance has once again upped the ante with the ST2 ALAMAT, a basketball shoe that infuses state-of-the-art technology with the kind of flair and function that befits the legends of tomorrow. With an innovative design that's been fine-tuned to the needs of the modern athlete, this shoe is a testament to the relentless spirit of Filipino ballers aiming for the pinnacle of their sport.


Revolutionary Tech for the Revolutionary Player

The NEW LATERAL SWAYBAR is a game-changer, designed to keep you fearless in the face of swift directional shifts. Imagine cutting through defenders or stopping on a dime with the kind of ankle support that reduces roll and maximizes your on-court agility. This is the shoe that lets you make those sudden stops and quick cuts, staying rooted in stability as you pivot towards victory.


Feel the game like never before with the MID TO COLLAR design. It cradles your foot like a low-cut shoe, yet provides critical ankle feedback that's crucial in avoiding those game-time injuries. It's the best of both worlds—freedom and support combined in a shoe that feels like an extension of you.

The MOLDED HEEL COUNTER is your rear guard, offering the control you need when the game heats up. Made with thermal molded plastic, it's the fortress for your foot, locking you in for the ride and ensuring every landing is as safe as it is powerful.

Breathe easy with the BREATHABLE JACQUARD KNIT, it's a woven masterpiece providing zonal breathability, stretch, and support precisely where your feet demand it. Glide on the court with a coolness that keeps you focused on the play, and step out in confidence with a look that speaks volumes about your dedication to both game and style.

The SOCK FIT CONSTRUCTION, it's a tailor-fitted experience that adapts to your movements. Off the court, this means a custom-fit feel that complements your every step, making a statement with every entrance. On the hardwood, it's the secure, seamless fit that keeps you locked in, ready to respond to any challenge without a second thought about slippage or discomfort.

And let's not forget the S-RIDE technology. Be explosive with the specially compounded midsole that's lightweight yet provides superior cushioning and a long-lasting rebound. Whether you're jumping for a rebound or sprinting down the lane, the S-Ride keeps you a step ahead of the competition.

The INJECTION TORSION PLATE adds that stability and responsiveness you crave, whether you're pulling up for a quick jumper or driving hard to the hoop. This is your secret weapon for that extra spring in your step, that split-second advantage that turns players into legends.

Round it out with the LATERAL OUTRIGGER, the foundation that supports your most audacious moves. When you flare out for extra support, it's there, ensuring that every hard cut to the basket is as surefooted as it is sharp.


The ST2 ALAMAT has arrived, and it's already making waves on and off the court! We're thrilled to see how you're making these legendary kicks a part of your basketball journey and your style statement.

Show off your game day swag and how the ST2 ALAMAT is powering your play:

Lace up the ST2 ALAMAT and be part of a legacy. Whether it's the confidence you carry onto the court or the style you strut on the streets, these shoes are your badge of honor. 🏀🔥

Together, let's celebrate every swish, every stride, and every stylish step. It's time to live the legend with ST2 ALAMAT.

Written by: Veronica Manlulu - Santos

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