The Price of Gas Would Make You Want to Invest on These Sturdy Sandals

Gas prices are going crazy and are at its all-time high. With all everything that is happening in the world right now, it seems like it will take a long time before it normalizes – if it will ever normalize.

That is why, now is the perfect time to do our environment and our wallets a favor by investing in sturdy sandals and start walking to our destinations if it will only take a few minutes to do so. Here are some of our top picks:


1. Enclave

Leather on sandals? Count us in! This durable pair will surely be perfect whether you are up for a long walk in the city or going hiking out of town. It also comes with molded midsoles and rubber outsoles, and mesh lining to keep you as comfortable as you are stylish.  


2. Noor 

Triple the straps, triple the protection! These minimalistic sandals are perfect for those who want to build the perfect monochromatic wardrobe. This easy-to-wear and super comfy pair will be your stylish go-to buddy when you're on errands and a heavy duty companion on outdoor adventures. 


3. Sonora

Say hello to the pair that will keep up with you rain or shine! Sonora is the perfect option for those who wish to explore. Made with secure Velcro straps, durable webbing, and molded EVA midsole – you can expect nothing less than a snug and comfortable fit as you take on each day. 

If sandals are not your thing, then you might want to slip onto these slides instead. 

Bring a fresh look and a pop of color to the classic style with Wayfarer. 


Take a piece of summer wherever you go with the Pool Slider for kids.


Slip into simplicity and comfort with Slipperlite. 


Achieve the sporty look while giving your sneakers a rest with Beach Break.


And for your little ones, there are adorable Beach Break Kids that will simply be perfect for their tiny feet.

Aside from saving on gas money, here is why you should walk more often. 

  1. It's good cardio and weight loss exercise. 
  2. It strengthens your bones and muscles. 
  3. It increases energy levels. 
  4. It improves your mood, cognition, memory, and sleep. 
  5. It’s a great stress reliever. 
  6. And more importantly, it gives you a chance to flex your oh-so-stylish World Balance pairs. 😉  

            Take on the streets and brave the outdoors with World Balance! We know you can.  


            • Gloria

              What is the equivalent size to my 10 inches feet for Model Enclave annd how much 1 pair

            • Carl

              This is perfect! As someone who enjoys walking through the city streets, watching the hustle and listening to the bustle – the Noor looks like the perfect fit for me, and I even have a World Balance mini-bag to pair it with!

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