The World Balance Invictus is Back

The World Balance Invictus is Back

with New Colorways, See-through Materials, and Glow-in the-Dark Feature

Of all the sneakers World Balance has released in recent memory, they have gained much success with the Invictus. We’re not surprised, as the Invictus has that popular dad shoe silhouette that can be imagined in several ways–and it is the most popular and sought-after sneaker by the brand.

From OG colorways to WB City Pack, collabs from Disney to Big Boy Cheng’s Secret Fresh, the Invictus is back with another model with the all-new “Invictus Reveal”.


What’s new?

The most notable difference with this model is the use of different materials like a translucent see-through ripstop on the upper, instead of the usual nylon-mesh with a glow in the dark feature for the midsole making this edition unique compared to their previous models.

The shoe also features translucent overlays similar to what we have seen in their More Good Less Evil with Secret Fresh, giving more detail and contrast in texture and aesthetic.

The sneaker comes in three colorways (in Beige/ Cement, Orange/Black, Black/Grey with green accents) with the translucent panels being an integral part of the design. For those who have not tried the line, the Invictus model is surprisingly light and one of the most comfortable sneakers you will ever wear. Despite being affordable (yes, it is still priced at under Php 3,000), World Balance switched up the materials: soft tumbled leather adorns the overlays of the toe box area, tongue, and part of the lacing area, while suede is used for the heel and middle part of the lacing area.

Rounding up the the look are printed rope laces, black and glow-in-the-dark midsoles, and grippy, milky outsoles.

The sizing and fit

When it comes to the overall fit and ride, it is very impressive how an under P3,000 sneaker is very comfortable with its midsole cushioning and patented World Balance Bounce Pad insole for extra comfort.

Where to buy them?

The World Balance Invictus Reveal will be available January 21 online at and in-stores on January 28. Shop this collection for only P2,299 per pair.

Article was written by: Eric Nadurata


  • Christian Chavez

    Hi, do you still have Invictus Tokyo on stock?

  • Paulo Cortez

    Gray black 😎✨

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