These Shoes are Giving us Major Euphoria Vibes

Therein lies the catch!

Can’t get enough of the Euphoria energy? We got you in these fashion highlights. With iconic dialogues and fashion on point, we all would love a hint of Maddy or Rue in our wardrobe.

Check out which Euphoria character embodies our very own kicks. We got these and more next time you plan on hitting the streets with flashy make-ups and fashion that would make them look… well, more than twice👀

Maddy Perez - Kaia City Pack in Miami

When it comes to walking, acting, speaking like the baddest, you know we are talking about the Maddy Perez energy. Stand out in her bright and bold colors with the Kaia City Pack in Miami. Wear it with a crop top and fit pants that match, then add on the glam makeup and accessories look. Whatever the setting is, you know you’d stand out.



Jules Vaughn - Kaia City Pack in Madrid

Kidcore has always been a rad aesthetic. Case in point, Jules Vaughn embodies that playful and creative energy you’d never want to miss. The Kaia City Pack in Madrid goes so well with her usual outfit choices. Lace it up with short skirts and you got yourself an OOTD.


Kat Hernandez - Kaia in White

While Kat Hernandez went through some style shifts throughout the series, the element of dark colors and bold makeup remains to be her iconic look. Her usual outfits would run through the colors of black, red, and neutrals. Pair her OOTDs with the Kaia in White. It is definitely giving the main character energy we all want!


Cassie Howard - Kaia in Pink

Looking for that bold girly vibes? Look no further than Cassie Howard’s fashion sense that would make you say: women, indeed. Cover yourself in hues of pink, blue, or white and the Kaia in Pink for that bubbly feminine energy👸. Pro tip: to pull this off, stray away from dark clothes and keep it light.


Rue Bennett – Kaia in White Blue

While the other characters pride themselves in flashy outfits and color palettes, Rue Bennet (a crowd favorite, am I right?) keeps it iconic with her neutral and laidback OOTDs. Dare to pull off her classic outfits? Try putting on a lowkey shirt and jeans paired with a cardigan of choice. World Balance’s Kaia in White Blue speaks strongly on Rue’s vibes, and you know you can pull it off too.


Lexi Howard - Kaia City Pack in Sydney

Prim and proper is the way to go when you want to stay classy and fit for all occasions. Lexi’s style in the show has been a sight for sore eyes (iykwim). She likes to wear dresses, cardigans, and pants. When up for a formal look, her collared long sleeves are the way to go. Get this OOTD with the Kaia City Pack in Sydney for that soft-bookish aesthetic.

Euphoria fashion has taken the world by storm. Don’t miss out on this euphoric trend and get your shoe game on point with these WB kicks.


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Written by: Maan De Vera

Photos from:

@euphoria on Instagram

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