Meet the Sneaker Squad: World Balance's Back to School Yearbook

Ever wondered what it would be like if your favorite shoes had their own yearbook? This school year, step right into the World Balance universe and meet the all-star squad of sneakers that are here to make your 'Back to School' experience fashionable, fun, and comfortable!


1. Fortress - The Athletic Prodigy

Here's Fortress, the strapping sportsman of the sneaker society. Just like your class jock, he's a sturdy, robust, all-white sneaker that never backs down from an athletic challenge. With a brawny soul and a sporty spirit, Fortress personifies the perfect balance between comfort and athletic grit. He's not just a pair of shoes; he's your teammate, your partner, and your confidante on and off the court.


2. Eminence - The Stylish Sportster

Eminence is that charismatic, sophisticated guy who manages to score not just in the field, but also in the fashion arena. Cloaked in a sleek, black exterior, Eminence is the go-to sneaker for the sporty and stylish gentleman. Whether you're dribbling down the court or walking down the school hallway, Eminence ensures you do it with absolute panache.



3. Fast Charge - The Sporty Gal

Fast Charge is the spunky sportswoman who loves to add a dash of style to her performance. She's the star athlete of the girl's team, who can outrun everyone in her sporty white sneakers. Fast Charge believes in the power of women in sports and is the best pal for any sporty gal. Watch out, boys! The ladies are fast, fierce, and fabulous with Fast Charge.


4. Pursuit - The Fashion Forward

Pursuit, the athleisure maven, is the queen of the style game. This chunky, all-white sneaker loves to strut her stuff down the school runway, aka the hallways. She is a fashion-forward gal, making statements with every step. Pursuit is for all the style savants out there who love to blend comfort with the latest trends.


5. Patroller - The Adventurous Kid

Meet Patroller, the spirited and adventurous kid on the block. He's fast, he's fun, and with his no-tie Velcro straps, he's always ready for action! Patroller is the go-to guy for all the lively kids who love to explore. His white sneakers are not just stylish but are perfect for those on-the-go moments when there's no time to stop and tie a lace.

6. Dashknit - The Quick-witted Whizz

Lastly, meet Dashknit - the swift, smart, and sock-like fitted sneaker that every kid admires. With a sleek black design and a slip-on style, he is all about making life easier and more exciting. Dashknit is the best buddy for the quick-witted whizzes who are always on the move, proving that one doesn't need laces to be ahead in the race.

So, there you have it – your very own World Balance sneaker squad, ready to take on this school year with you! Embrace the new school year with comfort, style, and function with these remarkable kicks that are definitely top of the class!


You've seen them in our yearbook, now it's time to walk them into your life and tag us on social media. Here's to a stylish and exciting school year with World Balance!

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Written by: Veronica Manlulu 

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